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5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired With A Top Real Estate Team


The ugly truth is many real estate teams will hire just about anyone with a pulse that is willing to do an open house and make some phone calls. They don’t add a lot of value to you and don’t really expect you add a lot of value to them. It’s a numbers game for many. The more agents a team has, the more chances they’ll have to stumble onto a sale. Top teams DO NOT function like this. Why? Because they add an immense amount of value to any agent and they know it. They want to know the agent is capable and competent enough to excel under their tutelage. They provide training, leverage, software, systems, processes, accountability, marketing, culture, and opportunities for personal and professional growth and achievement. Here are just 5 reasons you might not be getting on with one of these top teams.

5. You intend on working part time

Most people entering real estate are not aware of the commitment that is required to excel in the industry. Often people believe that real estate is easy money and doesn’t require much time. Anyone who is already successful in real estate knows hows brutally false that perception is. It is not impossible to excel in real estate part time but most know that it severely limits your chances for success. On the other hand, if you have all of the qualities and work ethic of a top performer and understand time blocking and work efficiency, this can be overlooked. If you’re disciplined you can often find a lot of success in real estate even at 25-30 hours a week of the write work activities.

4. Your expectations of what it takes to make it in Real Estate are unrealistic

Do you intend on Real Estate providing you a livable income? Maybe you’re replacing an income from a previous job. Regardless, you should understand that 80-85% of people who get their license are out of the business within two years of activating their license. We’re using the two year mark mainly because that is when your license comes due for renewal and you have to “pay up” again to keep it. If you’re not making money your not likely to keep paying the high fees involved with maintaining a real estate license. We watch most new agents come in, and ultimately out, of our brokerage in less than 6 months. The truth is, if you’re not ready to treat real estate like a business and commit yourself to growing your business, it’s going to be tough road ahead. Being likeable isn’t enough to make money in this industry. How many times have you heard this: “You’re so fun and likable. You’re the life the party. You should be in Real Estate”. I hear people tell others this all the time. They run down and get their license and ultimately some succeed, but the overwhelming majority spend a lot of money to get licensed only to become a statistic.

3. You showed up late and unprepared

Most top teams emphasize topgrading their talent. They know the importance of hiring capable professionals and are committed to veting that talent. They value their time and their teams resources and are not interested in mediocrity. In short, you’ll want to treat your interview process seriously because they definitely are.

2. You’re not a behavioral match

Are you going to want to talk to people every day, hold open houses, ask for business, make presentations, handle failure, practice your scripts, improve with a group, and door knock every week if you’re not naturally a people person? At least to some degree? (these are just a few of the many things you’ll have to commit to to succeed) Know your strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to like these things but if you’re naturally avoiding people and stress in your life, you’re likely going to hate this kind of work. Top teams spend money on resources to help them identify ‘role matches’. They do this to limit turnover and to make sure they don’t put people in a position they know will ultimately make them unhappy. Unhappiness spreads like a virus in companies. Think of someone in your current work that isn’t happy with their job. They are likely recruiting as many other people to their unhappiness as they can. Companies know this can be a virus and spread if there are too many unhappy people in roles that don’t suit them.

1. Your mindset

Honestly, this is the top thing that I look at. The truth is, mindset is a MAJOR issue in today’s society. We’ve almost been brainwashed into mediocracy. Mindset can look a lot of different ways, it’s not just about being positive. It’s also about understanding business, the language of professionalism, the commitments to personal and professional growth required of any successful person. How do you handle failure? Stressful situations? Are you capable of overcoming limiting beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves about why we shouldn’t or can’t succeed at something. It all starts with the mindset of achievement and continues with the discipline of one’s own thoughts and beliefs. Are the problems in your life always someone else’s fault? Do you understand that YOU must participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own goals and dreams? Or are you like the masses, just going through the motions waiting for someone else to do it for you? Are you prepared to be a successful business person mentally? Mindset is so clearly obvious when interviewing people. There is a language that talented and healthy minded people speak. Do you speak it?



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