When Is The Best Time To Start Working With A Real Estate Agent To Sell My House?


Short Answer: The sooner the better. Here is a bonus too – by engaging an agent early on in the process you’ll weed out the desperate agents living commission check to commission check. You’ll know who they are, because they will only meet with you or provide you information if your “ready to sell in the next 30 days”. Kindly let them know your looking for professional and thank them for their time. (facetiously if you have to) Just don’t reward the behavior by letting them back pedal on you. The due diligence process that a professional can take you through is thorough and imperative to the success of any sale.

Before I go any further, I should explain something that the public inherently knows but doesn’t necessarily know how they know it. Start here: You can throw a rock in any state and hit a real estate agent. That rock may even bounce off the agent and hit another. The percentages will tell you that the likelihood of either of those agents being able to properly uphold their fiduciary duty to any client let alone maximize the process on their client’s behalf is very low. Like less than 10%. Remember, your looking for a professional agent, not just a person that happens to have a real estate license. That’s going to require a bit of due diligence on your part. It’s also going to require a general knowledge of marketing and how it’s used to manipulate the consumer. Read more about Professional vs. Licensed Person or The truth about big marketing money claims by agents in our blog and be prepared to be upset with what your reading, but for now we’ll stay on topic.

Professional Agents excel at helping people with the due diligence process months, and even years in advance. Simply put, they help you prepare for the day your going to sell. We meet with people every week that have no intention of selling their home in the next few months or even in the next year, but they are interested in maintaining their largest asset by staying current with it’s value in an ever changing market. We don’t ask them to sign paperwork, we don’t ask them for money, it’s not about that. We focus on providing real value to homeowners by being a professional resource for them, helping them stay current on their value, market changes, and educating them on how consumers (the homebuyer) is responding to the market. We focus on real information that directly applies to our clients home. (not algorithms that spit out values on every website you visit)

For example: Every person we interact with that owns a home receives the following from us regardless of whether or not they are interested in selling now or 20 years from now. For Free!

Neighborhood Sales Activity Report Monthly

This report is hyper local and focuses on their immediate neighborhood. It gives every one of our homeowners the opportunity to see exactly what’s going around their home. They can see all of the statistics, every photo, every price reduction, every sold price, literally every activity change in the process. Think of it this way: Do you watch your stocks? Maybe you do, maybe you have someone watch them for you. This is similar – we’re watching and giving you the ability to watch also. Now your thinking of your home like an asset. Our clients have access to this whenever they want to login and they get one email a month to highlight any changes if they’d like to watch more passively. Afterall, your home is one of the largest, if not THE largest asset you’ll ever own. It’s good to treat it as such.

Specific Pricing Evaluations at least once a year.

Again, regardless of our clients intent to sell now or 20 years down the road. We are consistently providing at least one Comparable Market Analysis specific to their home each year. We team that up with a Strategic Sales Analysis so that each person can see how a home like theirs could be expected to perform against the current consumer market. This is a great educational tool for homeowners and it can encourage pride of ownership. Taking care of your home is key to maximizing its value when the time does come to sell. Buyers are demanding better products to chose from in the housing market and when you have one to sell, you can really maximize your money. If you think you may be moving in the next 6-12 months we like to run this analysis every 60-90 days to monitor short term shifts in the market and keep you updated with the most current and relevant information.

Relevant Economic and Industry information.

We don’t like to spam people with garbage emails all year, but this is information we insist on providing to those who find it relevant. The real estate market is a major driver in the world economy. Keeping a brief eye on what’s happening locally and globally can really help homeowners understand how it affects their asset (home).

Have a question? Just Call.

The idea here is that we work to provide value and earn the right to be a trusted professional resource for you. We encourage everyone to call us with questions, concerns, or general curiosities. Of course our job is to help people buy and sell houses, but a professionals real value is in being able to competently advise and consult people on a daily basis. Furthermore, it’s important that you feel comfortable consulting with us WITHOUT feeling like your being pressured to buy or sell a home. Our agents are passionate professionals focused on people, not sales. We know if we earn the trust and confidence of our clients, they will at least consider us when it comes time to make a move.

If you’d like to receive this information on your home (or homes) please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form or call us today. You will not be sold, upsold, or misguided in any way. Our intentions are authentic and transparent – We want to provide value and earn the right to be in relationship with you long into the future.

When Is The Best Time To Start Working With A Real Estate Agent To Sell My House?

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